Month: November 2016


Stephen Hawking – one of the greatest living cosmologists and physicists – warns that other scientists should immediately stop trying to make contact with intelligent beings in other solar systems or galaxies via transmission signals or probes (like Voyagers 1 and 2 which show Earth’s location in the galaxy). The universe is so vast (billions of light years in size), any hostile advanced aliens would probably never find us on their own because it would be like trying to find a needle in a Texas sized hay stack. That would change if those hostile aliens were to catch a...

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THE DEMONOLOGIST is the terrifying book that started it all… What do ANNABELLE, THE CONJURING, THE CONJURING 2, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT, and THE EXORCIST all have in common? The events that inspired those movies were all either firsthand experiences, or phenomenon, academically discussed by late demonologist and his wife – Ed & Lorrain Warren (the Warrens) – in the non-fiction book entitled, THE DEMONOLOGIST, by Gerald Brittle. It is quite possibly the scariest book of all time. It puts the said movies to shame. The exception, arguably being, THE EXORCIST – which is quite possibly...

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HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE, according to philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. Or shall we beg to differ and instead blame it all on Satan? Let’s see… When’s the last time the Prince Of Darkness rear-ended you on the freeway, or was doing 30 in the fast lane with his left blinker on? Or was it The Father Of Lies who sucker punched you in the stomach that one night and absconded with your wallet? Or did he simply break into your car? Maybe it was Mephisto himself whom your significant other shagged on your bed while you were at work that...

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Fuck You J.D. Salinger

J.D.Salinger should have been a horror writer, or at least, should have become one after admitting he regretted having ever written his masterpiece: THE CATCHER IN THE RYE. That was, after he’d already become a recluse…and after it’d become known that the book (which seethes contempt for phonies) inspired the guys who shot John Lennon, Ronald Reagan, and Rebecca Schaeffer. Salinger – the greatest American writer since Hemingway, and who had on him an early manuscript of CATCHER as he stormed the carnaged* beaches at Normandy during WW2 – only saw the worst in humanity. So much so, he...

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Love is a Dog From Hell, Bukowski would say. Nowhere is that truer than in Coldrock’s SIREN MOON. Maybe Bukowski believed that LOVE IS A HORROR STORY. You know…like when you meet a prospective beloved, only to realize that if you don’t flee for your life, you’ll soon join the likes of the dearly departed. Maybe, she sprouts a tail at midnight, or she’s fit to be EXORCIZED when she doesn’t get her way. Perhaps you remain a frog after her first kiss, or worse, you turn out to be a PSYCHO. Other times, your beloved is a real vibe KILLER. Or sometimes, your better half turns out to be an energy VAMPIRE. Maybe you’re DEAD in her eyes; about as intellectually stimulating as a ZOMBIE. Or she’s a regular DR JECKYL & MR. HYDE when off her meds. Perhaps you have the table manners of a WEREWOLF. Or your breath reeks of the WALKING DEAD in the morning. Other times, you’re about as stiff as a MUMMY. You offered her your heart, but instead, she wants your soul. It isn’t working out on account of spiritual differences – not that you’re all that religious, but unfortunately, she’s the DEVIL. Love is indeed a dog from hell, as is the case in Coldrock’s SIREN MOON… Download it now on...

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