Are we being preached to?! Yes. Horror and sci-fi novels/movies are often good old-fashioned morality tales. They are often reminders that in life, we usually cause the horror that ultimately kills us…

IT FOLLOWS: Teenagers spread a deadly, sexually-transmitted, demon curse which slowly follows and kills them.

CONTRACTED: A young woman contracts a sexually transmitted sickness at a party, which slowly turns her into a zombie.

DEAR GIRL: Predatory teenagers have a hot, zombie-girl sex slave, until she gets loose and kills them.

REANIMATOR: A scientist recklessly brings the dead back to life, which in turn, begin killing everyone.

SPLICE: Scientists use gene splicing to create a new hybrid life form…which begins killing everyone.

I AM LEGEND: A new, hastily-administered cancer vaccine mutates and turns humanity into zombies.

THE FLY: A scientist inadvertently splices his own DNA with that of a fly…and becomes a huge, heinous, killer fly.
THE SIXTH SENSE: Bruce Willis negligently fails to help a boy who sees dead people, which leads to his own death.
THE RING: People curiously seek out and watch a demonic video tape, which triggers a countdown to their own deaths.
THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT: A group of teenagers head into the woods looking for the Blair Witch, and get killed by it.
THE DOG SOLDIERS: The army attempts to militarize werewolves, fails, and many soldiers get eaten.
ALIEN: Ripley violates ship entry protocol and inadvertently lets the alien monster onto the ship.
I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER: Teenagers commit a hit-and-run, and leave the person for dead. They are then vengefully killed off by him, one by one.
JAWS: An unethical mayor forces the Sheriff to keep the beaches open during the holiday weekend, for the tax revenue, knowing full well that there’s a killer shark out there…and a kid gets eaten alive.
JURASSIC PARK: Unethical entrepreneurs create a dinosaur theme park…then the T-Rex gets loose and starts killing the park guests.
BLADERUNNER, EX-MACHINA, WESTWORLD: The abused androids rebel and start killing people.
THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS: The FBI uses a monstrous, institutionalized psychopath to help them profile and locate a serial killer. He gets loose as a result and resumes his cannibalistic ways.
DRAG ME TO HELL: A young woman working at a back refuses to help out an old lady from foreclosure. The old lady – who turns out to be a vengeful witch – curses her, thereby beginning her slow descent into hell.
THE EXORCIST (like many exorcism and Quija board stories): People communicate with demons via a Quija Board, wind up getting possessed and needing the services of a good exorcist.
FRANKENSTEIN: Dr. Frankenstein creates a monster in the lab, which kills him.
Coldrock’s SIREN MOON: A small town loser rescues a hot werewolf woman from the werewolf hunters…resulting in a whole lot of carnage, and the annihilation of his entire life.

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