The Codex Gigas is a massive, nearly 1000 year old book of Satanic origin. It is over three feet long, almost two feet wide, nearly one foot thick, and weighs 165 pounds. According to National Geographic handwriting experts, it was written and crafted by a single, unknown author, over the course of three or four decades; someone who was seemingly perfect and all-knowing! The huge tome – once considered the eighth wonder of the world – is currently housed in Sweden’s Royal National Library.

The Codex Gigas contains within its pages the Bible, an encyclopedia, numerous philosophical/historical/religious/scientific/medical/magical writings, and most famously, an image of Satan. It is arguably the summation of all human knowledge at the time, and most frightening of all, it contains no identifiable errors or omissions in its voluminous writings. All points to supernatural origin, and if the legend is true, it was written by a Benedictine monk who sold his soul to Satan. That is why the Codex Gigas is called the Devil’s Bible.

Before we all do the same in exchange for being able to write a masterpiece that marvels future generations all around the world for ages to come, let’s hold out a bit longer and write it completely under our own volition, with no help from the Red Guy.

You’d be well advised – regardless of the medium in which you write – to instead study Robert McKee’s STORY, and master classical story structure in relation theme, among numerous other critically important things. You’d also be well advised to study Blake Snyder and master commercial story structure in relation to genre, among numerous other things. You’d be well advised to also study Michael Hague and master classical story structure in relation to character, among numerous other things. And you’d be well advised to study Sol Stein and James Wood and master prose writing, POV, metaphor, simile, and numerous other aspects of literary art, technique, and style.

No matter how tempting it is, don’t sell your soul to Satan. If you must, at least try the above guys first. They have been hugely inspirational to COLDROCK, and are praised by some of the best writers of our generation. Good writing, and whatever you do, don’t join the writer of the Codex Gigas in “hell”.

Let Coldrock know how SIREN MOON lives up to these principles.

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