Stephen Hawking – one of the greatest living cosmologists and physicists – warns that other scientists should immediately stop trying to make contact with intelligent beings in other solar systems or galaxies via transmission signals or probes (like Voyagers 1 and 2 which show Earth’s location in the galaxy). The universe is so vast (billions of light years in size), any hostile advanced aliens would probably never find us on their own because it would be like trying to find a needle in a Texas sized hay stack. That would change if those hostile aliens were to catch a human transmission signal or a probe. Then, if those aliens were to actually travel immense distances to find us, in only a matter of few Earth months or years, that would mean that their technology would be so infinitely more advanced than ours, the aliens would essentially be like gods, and their technology nothing short of magic, to us.. We would be like cockroaches to them. They would be able to snuff us out at will, or eat us, or even blow up the planet, if they so desired. So, I agree with Stephen Hawking. Scientists, STOP trying to establish contact with aliens. We should not invite the movie INDEPENDENCE DAY into our reality.