THE DEMONOLOGIST is the terrifying book that started it all…

What do ANNABELLE, THE CONJURING, THE CONJURING 2, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT, and THE EXORCIST all have in common? The events that inspired those movies were all either firsthand experiences, or phenomenon, academically discussed by late demonologist and his wife – Ed & Lorrain Warren (the Warrens) – in the non-fiction book entitled, THE DEMONOLOGIST, by Gerald Brittle. It is quite possibly the scariest book of all time. It puts the said movies to shame. The exception, arguably being, THE EXORCIST – which is quite possibly the most disturbing movie of all time. It’s not to say THE CONJURING wasn’t a great flick.

THE CONJURING 2, on the other hand, which is the newest cinematic entry on this list, was overly sappy and sentimental in order to make up for the lack of plot and genuine terror. The nun demon was pretty heinous, but scary make-up will never compensate for lack of solid plot points that culminate in a great climax and character arc which beautifully resonate a powerful thematic motif.

ANNABELLE served as a prequel to THE CONJURING movie. Unfortunately, it fell short of the THE CONJURING in every way. ANNABELLE felt like a rehashed checklist for every horror movie cliche and cheap surprise trick. Unlike THE CONJURING, ANNABELLE brought nothing fresh, or any new energy whatsoever for that matter, to the table. THE CONJURING, on the other hand, was the scariest Hollywood movie in a long time because it successfully did all that, and interestingly, it had almost zero bloody gore. As we too often see, the more bloody gore in a movie, the more it tends to suck. In other words, the real scare factor is often inversely proportional to the amount of gore in a film. Not always…but too often to be ignored. Gore is not scary. Blood is not scary. It’s boring. On the other hand, gradually escalating tension, suspense, and dread within a tight-knit story that masterfully builds to a wrenching and explosive climax in the lives of the story’s empathetic character/s – that’s horror. THE CONJURING is the latest flick to prove it. THE EXORCIST was probably not the first in that regard, but it was, and still remains, the best. Gratuitous and excessive gore, blood, and torture are weak, lame, boring, and pathetic cinematic crutches for a shitty writing and filmmaking. True horror is disturbing, and haunts you to your core long after the trauma was inflicted by the book or film. It feels as if your soul itself was somehow compromised by the experience, and is now at risk. These are the principles for which Coldrock strives. Hail to THE DEMONLOGIST, THE EXORCIST, and THE CONJURING.

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