Siren MoonSIREN MOON a novel

A ravishing new arrival upsets the natural order in remote coastal Alaska – where grizzlies, orcas, icy peaks reign – and also upends the emotional isolation of a tragic, small town loser. Before fleeing the fallout from her dark side, she gives him a sweet taste of her affections, awakening him from the stupor of his pathetic existence and prompting him to embark on an epic journey of certain death, not only to save her life, but to find his own.

Instead, he finds that no “knight in shining armor” has ever survived her kind of love

Will she for the first time ever defy her feral nature and not devour him? Can he survive long enough to help her find the cure she seeks? Are they even capable of overcoming old wounds to truly love one another? And why are both Mother Nature’s beasts and the Church’s secret present-day Inquisition hunting her down to kill her?

In this tale of nature versus abomination, in a land of deathly extremes, lies the total reinvention and reboot of werewolf mythology – where the grit of THE REVENANT meets the foreboding dread of THE HOWLING and the paranormal romance of TWILIGHT and the heart-wrenching drama of THE EXORCIST.

SIREN MOON culminates like nothing else and sets the new bar for the genre.

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